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Our philosopy



Everyleader in the BK Strategies team is a consummate problem solver. We bring our experience, passion and creativity into every scenario to help businesses tell their story. Crystal clear communication breaks down barriers and drives results. From the boardroom to the break room and back, the greater the clarity of messaging, the greater the collaboration and the more impactful are the results.


"Simplify" is the mantra that guides our approach as we deliver your message in the most effective way possible, whether your audiences are Wall Street analysts, employees in a town hall meeting or executives in the board room.


A partner that can turn intelligence and talent into success can pivot from difficult challenges to lucrative opportunities. Embracing this idea develops resiliency and promotes future achievements.
Preparation is the primary distinction between execution and costly missteps. BK Strategies sharpens our pencils whether you are preparing a Wall Street analyst report, a presentation for a customer meeting, a global webcast for your entire employee base, or a local town hall meeting.  

"Simplify" is the mantra that guides our approach as we manage your communications in the most effective way possible. Less may be more but it also requires a skillful hand capable of refining data and communications into an elegant story. 

Bryan Kassing

A skillful communicator and passionate professional, Bryan founded BK Strategies in 2006 to continue a personal journey which began in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

Managing efforts as diverse as mass platform and customer migrations, CIO town hall webcasts and development and delivery of senior management leadership training initiatives, Bryan's humor and professionalism has benefited global wireless leaders, LinkedIN, AT&T and the Alzheimer's Services of the East Bay in a career which has made stops in Colorado, Los Angeles, Prague, Czech Republic, Florence, Italy and the Bay area. Equipped with a philosophy which involves equal parts drive and wisdom, a dash of creativity and pinch of ingenuity, Bryan fosters long-term relationships with friends and clients alike. 

With a quarter century of proven expertise, Brendan has managed a wide-range of efforts from large multi-national systems integration projects to major product launches. Brendan expertly distills diverse technology solutions to an executive audience succinctly highlighting the business impacts and IT architecture decisions. 

A thoughtful and engaging leader, Brendan is as comfortable in the board room as he is in a project war room. Always quick to 'cut to the chase' Brendan focuses on the most important elements of a business scenario and eliminates extraneous language and actions. He has leveraged his skills to deliver value at clients such as AT&T, LinkedIn, Frontier Communications, Virgin Mobil USA, Optus Australia and Century Link. 

Brendan Martin
Chip Potter

An accomplished video artist and entrepreneur, Chip has parlayed his skills as an artist, technologist and innovator to deliver unparalleled results on everything from commercials, movies and corporate videos. Chip manages a full service visual effects shop able to handle the most demanding projects.


A founding partner in MECHnology, Chip tailors his workflow to our clients specific project needs. 

Joe Vivo

An accomplished program manager, business analyst and marketing professional, Joe brings over 22 years of success in leading multiple development phases of diverse technology projects. Joe is a strategic planner who has coordinated multi-million dollar projects and aligned business goals with technology solutions to drive process improvements, competitive advantages and measurable results.

·As an expert in agile and waterfall project management methodologies, Joe has championed cross-functional teams who've aligned corporate strategies with project deliverables for BellSouth, Ameritech, SBC and AT&T.

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